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FA Charter Standard Development Club of the Year 2016

First Touch Football

Match Day

Sun 9 December 2018
U11C Kew Park Rgs L 0-1
U15A London Eagles W 10-0
U15C Headstone Ma L 4-5
U10 Ashford Town W 4-3
U15B Whitton Wand W 3-1
U9 F C Sunbury -
U14 Barnes Eagles -
Sun 2 December 2018
U15A Ruislip Rang D 3-3
U12C Bedfont W 5-3
U11C Raynes Park W 4-2
U15B Hampton and Richmond D 1-1
U7 Chiswick Youth L 3-8
U9 Kew Ass Yth FC W 3-2
U10 NPL Youth D 3-3
U14 Whyteleafe y -
Sun 25 November 2018
U10 Whitton Wand D 2-2
U13 Kew Ass Yth FC L 5-7
U15A Football Sam W 3-2
U7 FC Starz W 7-3
U12C Esher L 2-3
U14C Abbey Rangers W 9-4
U11C Met Police Y L 0-2
U12 Bedhead W 3-1
U14 Banstead Vil D 0-0
U15B Epsom & W 3-0
U9 Kew Park Rgs D 1-1
U15C Conc Club 'A' W 3-1
Sun 18 November 2018
U15A Wembley Yout W 3-1
U11C Esher Colts W 9-2
U10 Rocks Lane Utd W 1-0
U14 West Side Rgs L 1-3
U14C Whitton Wanderers W 4-1
U15C London Tiger L 5-6
U9 Doverhouse Lions W 6-1
U12 Wandas Youth W 5-1
U15B Hampton and Richmond W 1-1
Sun 11 November 2018
U11C Staines Town W 3-1
U15C AGV Yth L 0-7
U7 FC Starz W 9-6
U12C Parkfield Yo L 0-6
U15B AFC Ewell L 2-3
U12 Conquest FC W 6-4
U13 Kew Park Rgs L 1-12
U14 West Side Rgs W 4-3
U14C Abbey Rangers W 8-3
U10 Athena White W 2-0
Sun 4 November 2018
U15C European Foo W 8-1
U13 Worcester Pa L 2-11
U10 Claygate Roy W 7-2
U7 Indian Gymkh W 6-3
U12 Sheen Lions L 1-2
U12C Kew Park Rgs L 0-2
U14C Halliford Boys W 6-0
U15A Elite Magic W 13-0
U15B Spelthorne Sports Skys 1-0
U11C St Helier Youth L 1-5
Sun 28 October 2018
U15C Headstone Ma W 8-0
U15A London Athle W 4-2
U10 Woking Couga W 5-2
U14C Worcester Park Yth L 1-2
U12 Woodmanstern L 0-3
U13 Corinthian Casuals L 1-4
U14 Teddington A W 1-0
U14 Banstead Vil W 5-3
U15B Whitton Wand L 0-1
Sun 21 October 2018
U15B Whitton Wand W 2-0
U7 Chiswick Youth D 4-4
U12C Kingston Tow W 4-0
U15C London Tiger L 1-3
U13 Kew Park Rgs L 2-3
U14 Hampton and Richmond W 3-2
Sun 14 October 2018
U15B Cre8tive Aca L 0-9
U14C Abbey W 4-0
U7 West Drayton Yth W 6-3
U10 Whitton Wand L 1-7
U12 CB Hounslow W 9-0
U12C Halliford Boys W 3-1
U13 Ashford Town L 1-12
U15A Acton Ealing W 2-1
U18 NPL Youth D 1-1
U11C Met Police Y L 3-4
U15C Brook Hse W 1-0
Sun 7 October 2018
U10 Twickenham Tigers W 4-0
U15A London Athle W 5-1
U7 Chiswick Youth L 4-5
U13 Corinthian Casuals D 2-2
U14C Doverhouse Lions W 6-2
U12 Hampton and Richmond W 5-4
U12C Sheen Lions W 3-1
U14 Barnes Eagles L 2-3
U15C Belmont Utd W 14-2
U18 South Park F L 0-4
U11C Hampton Yth W 12-0
Sun 30 September 2018
U14C Woking Couga W 14-1
U15A London Athle W 4-1
U12C Halliford Boys W 5-3
U15C Hanwell T W 6-1
U10 Carshalton A W 6-4
U12 Junior Shots W 5-1
U13 Kew Ass Yth FC L 6-7
U14 Whyteleafe y L 1-2
U15B Twickenham Tigers W 6-0
U18 Junior Bees D 1-1
U11C Kingston Tow D 3-3
Sun 23 September 2018
U15B Motspur Park W 3-1
U12C Barnes Eagle D P-P
U10 Bedfont -
U18 Junior Bees D 2-2
Sat 22 September 2018
U10 Brook Hse W 2-0
Sun 16 September 2018
U15C Hanwell T W 7-2
U12C Raynes Park D 1-1
U15A Football Sam W 4-2
U7 Northwood D 3-3
U10 Claygate Roy L 2-4
U13 Woking Town L 0-8
U14 Chipstead FC L 1-9
U14C Whitton Wanderers L 0-1
U15B Motspur Park W 2-0
U18 Met Police Y W 4-0
U11C Woking Couga L 3-4
Sat 15 September 2018
U12 Sutton United Youth L 2-3




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