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Kevin O'Toole - 07973412259

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Surrey Youth League

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Match Report

Sandgate FC Under 16's Colts 2 - 4 Northwood Youth FC

Sunday 10th September 2017

Sunday 10th September and we have our first game of the season proper, this finds us away in round 1 of the Middlesex cup to unknown side Northwood youth, with only 12 of our 17-strong squad available for this fixture. Sandgate started the game well, playing some controlled passing football on a very well-manicured pitch. Northwood mounted several attacks which were contained in or around the middle of the pitch allowing Sandgate to mount several counter attacks as a result. It was from one of these counters that James Stone attacked down the right wing putting a fast and low ball across the front of the Northwood goal for a tap in by new signing Reece Roberts. The game continued in the same vain for most of the first half with Sandgate having most of the possession. Playing three at the back, we lost a key defender when Nick Ajaka hobbled off with a suspected Hamstring Injury. We continued to defend well and break at speed and with a slick move down the left-hand side of the pitch Sandgate struck again just before half time, going 2 nil up thanks to a fine and composed finish from left midfielder Manvir Ranu. The second half started as the first finished but as it wore on we started to tire and with no subs available to relieve some tired and weary legs Northwood started to dominate possession. They made good use of the subs they had and this pressure led to Sandgate conceding the first of 4 goals in the second half, and despite continued Northwood pressure the boys continued to give it their all but sustained two further injuries late on, and literally hobbled to the final whistle with the final score of 4-2 to Northwood. Amazing effort from the boys, we were the better team, but we just ran out of steam and Northwood took advantage to seal their win.



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Player Apps Goals
Nicholas Ajaka 1 0
Luke O'Toole 1 1
Reece Roberts 1 2
James Stone 1 0

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