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Jun Kpekawa

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Surrey Youth League

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Match Report

Sandgate FC Under 10's 3 - 0 Burpham FC

Sunday 4th April 2010

Won 0 - 3 Burpham
(League game)

SANDGATE U17's Sunday 6th April 2010 - Away - Burpham (15th Game)
10.30am ko. League Game – Dry chilly morning. Pitch was sticky and
a little bit boggy.
Starting Line Up.

 GK Tom Touched the ball about five times during the game. When called
upon, he done his job. Needs to be able to kick from the ground.
 RB Ashraf Started lively, but had to come off on 13 minutes. We believe he has
shin splints. Crawled back on for the last 10 minutes up front.
 LB Karl Another good game. Kept making overlapping runs for 90 minutes
MOTM along with Billy Gray.
 CB Chevy Had a great game. He had the measure of their forward who was
physically quick, but Chevy out thought him on every occasion.
 CB Darren So reliable. His pace has seen us on many occasions this season get
back and win the ball back. Great game.
 LM Jack Cox Was due to be sub today as his Toes are Infected again. But we
needed him on and he produced a great opener on 9 minutes.
 CM Billy © Had a great game. Mus have been Mummy and Daddy watching
Won tackle after tackle. And headed home our second on 34 minutes
when we had just gone down to 10 men. MOTM with Karl.
 CM Jack B This was the Jack of old. Sharp and competitive. He won every ball
and caped it with a late third on 86 min (down to 9 men)
 RM Andrew Due to a lack of bodies, Andrew was back in his old roll to start the
game. Was excellent again. Had to come off on 80 minutes when
his groin popped. Big loss for the next couple of weeks.
 F Zaid Worked relentlessly. Chased every thing. He was unlucky not to
get on the score sheet today. But his overall contribution was A1.
 F Segun This was the Segun that we used to see week after week. Working
hard for the cause and always giving the back 4 a torrid time.
 Michael Holdford. Got out of the car and his knee popped.

Note: What a spirited team effort. At the end of the match, Nick the Burpham manager
and Tony Skidmore the Referee. Both addressed the lads to compliment them on a great display of both football ability and intelligence. Go Girls...................




1st Half.
9min Jack Cox 1 - 0
32 min Ashraf off. Down to 10 players.

34 minutes Billy Gray 2 - 0





2nd Half.
75 min Zaid to RB and Andrew up front.
80 min Andrew off – Groin. Down to 9 players.

86 min Jack Bees 3 - 0
86 min Ashreaf back on up front.
91 min Jack Cox Yellow Card
93 min No 8 for Burpham Yellow Card.
Brought Chevy down. All just tired legs.


The team line up was.
Thomas Warren. in goal.
Chevy Hart and Darren Myres. Center Back.
Karl Turnbull, Left Back.
Ashraf Raham – Right Back
Jack Cox, Left Mid.
Andrew Capewell – Right Mid
Jack Bees & Billy Gray, Center Mid.
Zaid Risheq & Segun Folorunhsho – Forwards

Subs: None.. Michale Holdford, knee went before the game. Khider Mohammed never showed at the meeting point. Paul Underwood (Hamstring) Joe Hopla and Shaquille Brito both not available.

Referee: Mr Tony Skidmore – 95 / 100

SANDGATE Linesman: Mark Branch.




The morning started with Segun FOLORUASHO having to arrange his own way to the game as he was late at the pick up (well done Segun for getting to the game)
Khider Mohammed also never made the meet, and for what reason we still do not know.

We arrived at the ground with the weather looking kind to us. The pitch was by far one of the biggest that we had played on this season. And Also looked like it had held up reasonably ok with all the rain that we had seen over night.
Referee, Mr Tony Skidmore had stated that he would have to keep an eye on the pitch, as it did have a couple of questionable areas and was a bit sticky.

The game kicked off on time with both sets of players looking up for what was on paper looking to be a great game.
And with no subs for SANDGATE the Instructions to the boys was to keep the ball moving and not to get caught with it.

The game started at a good pace and with inside 9 minutes Jack Cox produce a great bit of individual skill to put us one nil up.

The game continued at the pace it had started for the rest of the half.
On 22 minutes Billy GRAY was brought down on the 18 yard line, but the referee called play on.
Thirty seconds on and Jack Cox was brought down just outside the six yard box in what had to be a penalty. However once again Mr Skidmore Indicated for play to continue.

Play did continue and on thirty two minutes we had to see Ashraf RAHAM leave the field of play with excruciating pain in both shins.
And with no subs we was down to ten men.
Segun FOLORUASHO was switched to right back and Zaid was asked to push right up front on his own.

Two minutes later on 34 minutes Billy GRAY headed home to put us 2 up. Unfortunately for Billy every spectator missed the goal due to some entertainment taking place behind them all in the car park.
So we are lead to believe (by Billy Gray) that it was a screamer of a header !!

We settled into the game really well and Burpham had been restricted to play in their own half until the half time whistle blew.

The second half would see us playing down hill and with the wind behind us. So at least we could get a chance to re-gain our breath as the game went on.

The starting line up was. Tommy in goal, Andrew at Right Back. Chevy and Darren at Center, Karl at Left Back.
Segun moved again, this time to Right midd, with Bill and Jack Bees staying in the center. Jack Cox out on the left and Zaid up front.

We started at great pace yet again, and within two minutes Karl TURNBULL had made a run down the left taking on two defenders near to the corner flag, and managing to whip in a cross. The keeper flapped and covering his near post tipped it out for the first corner of the second half.
Burpham once again dealt with our corner really well and cleared their lines.

Burpham managed to break their way through a strong Sandgate back line and get a strike off, but Tom was equal to the strike and took the ball with comfort in the end.


The game was once again mainly played in the Burpham half with Sandgate playing some nice football.
On 75 minutes Zaid RISHEQ was moved to right back for a breather and Andrew CAPEWELL up front to try and nick another gaol for us.
80 minutes and Andrew CAPEWELL had to come of with a re-o curing groin issue. Sandgate was now down to 9 players.
We kept the formation as it was, with a four man midfield and a four man defense.
On 86 minutes Jack BEES made some space for himself and got his strike off 3 – 0.

As Burpham re-spotted the ball, Ashraf RAHAM had asked to go back on for the last 10.
So with Ashraf RAHAM back on and up front we was back up to ten players for the remainder of the game.

On the 91st minute a tired challenge from Jack COX see him enter the referees note book and a Yellow was shown.
93rd Minutes and the big No 8 for Burpham repaid us with the same on Chevy HART. The whistle blew for full time and some very exhausted lads came of the field.

A great display of football from both sets of players, and an entertaining game to watch.

As we gathered Nick (Burpham Manager) came across to express about how well we had played and how composed we had been throughout the 90 minutes.

As Nick has said his piece, Mr Skidmore (Referee) also asked to have a few words with the team.
He also stated that it was the best display of football that he had refereed this season, and that we had shown some very mature side to our game.

Well done lads, a great display for every player today.

Also a big thank you to Mark Branch for coming along to run the line for us.


NEXT WEEK: We was due to play Walton and Hersham tomorrow. But they have called off due to a lack of players. And after today, it has done us a favor.

So next Sunday 11th, we are away to St Francis. 11.30 am ko.

Players out next week: Paul Underwood (Hamstring)
Andrew Caepwell (Groin)
Shaquille Brito (Unavailable)

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