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Match Report

Sandgate FC Under 14's Colts 4 - 0 Sandgate B

Sunday 3rd October 2010

Sandgate 'A' 6 v 0 Sandgate 'B'

The first of two encounters between these two sides had been eagerly anticipated since the fixture list was announced at the start of the season. The build up to the match had been hampered by Sky Sports, who had complained to the FA about the planned afternoon kick off interfering with viewing figures for their live game, Arsenal v Chelsea. After lots of discussion between Sandgate and Sky it was decided that Sandgate would move their fixture to the new morning kick off time. A Sky spokesman said " We are delighted that Sandgate helped with what could have been a difficult day for broadcasting. We appreciate that although the Sandgate derby match is a much bigger game then our own live game, we just couldn't find a new time slot for Super Sunday."

Both managers had lots to say before the game and it became clear that there is a fierce rivalry between the two. Various interviews and comments in national newspapers had only served to build up the excitement for this game. Sandgate 'A' coach Stuart Riglin had dismissed his feud with Currie by telling reporters " I can honestly say that there is no animosity between myself and Lee Currie, He is a good young coach who with a bit of luck and hard work might become half the manager i am today. I can give him no higher praise then that." Currie obviously not one to be influenced by mind games replied " He said that? Where is he? I would love it, just love it if we beat them!"

With a record crowd at the Bourne Park stadium and changeable weather conditions the match kicked off and began at a cracking pace, both teams fired up by their managers were desperate to open the scoring. Early pressure in midfield saw Sandgate 'B' on the attack with the impressive Jake flying down the left hand side and forcing a corner after good defending by Vinnie. The resulting corner flew into the box but somehow managed to escape a touch from any Sandgate 'B' player and was cleared to the half way line. It didn't take long before 'B' attacked once more and again Jake was the architect after a delightful run down the right side and a firmly struck shot that Jayden did well to save. The crowd were in full voice and the players were responding with some fast paced action and every players commitment was a joy to behold. Sandgate 'A' responded to the early pressure from 'B' by forcing a great save from Mathew, after a flowing move saw Reece look to place a shot into the bottom corner. Ryan then forcefully ran down the left and forced a corner that 'B' defended well, both defences on top at this point and the game was end to end. Again after some nice passing from 'A' the ball reached the left hand side again and Ryan the in form left winger contributed a sublime cut back from the by-line for Mason to slam home, 1-0 to Sandgate 'A'. The goal had been harsh on Sandgate 'B' as they had been the better side up until that point but despite the set back they continued to fight for an equalizing goal. The match was enhanced by some lovely passing and movement from both sides and a great advert for the club despite the attempts of the rainy weather to spoil things. Sandgate 'B' were grateful to Sampurna's defensive skills when after a long kick out from Jayden saw Layton racing onto the ball to make it number two. Just as he was about to pull the trigger an outstretched leg from the pacey 'B' defender took the ball off Layton's toes and out for a throw in, this was to be a temporary reprieve though as sandagte 'A' forced another corner. A great ball in found the unmarked Sangate 'A' Reece, who coolly finished past the dive of Mathew to make it 2-0 to 'A'. The game was crying out for Sandgate 'B' to grab a goal back and they were the team that finished the half strongest, but after getting into some great positions to score they could not find a way past Jayden and the half time whistle blew.
Second half began with Stuart Riglin giving his keeper Jayden an opportunity out on pitch and being replaced in goal by Dylan. 'B' kicked of and lost the ball immediately to a rampaging Omari who beat two players before blasting the ball into the net, 3-0 to 'A' and the game had been won all bar the final whistle. The score line was not a fair reflection on the match up until that point and football can be a cruel sport even when you are playing well. Sandgate 'B' were a credit to their manager and supporters as they never gave up and against any other team in the league this would have been their day. 'A' began to dominate the game with only fleeting break outs by 'B' offering slight hope they would get a well deserved goal, one of which forced a neat save from dylan after Jake shot from long range. The match was briefly halted when manager Riglin had a bit to much to say to the leagues top referee and was promptly reminded it was the referee in charge after receiving a final warning for his conduct. Ironic jeers from the crowd rang out as Riglin was forced to apologise to the Pierluigi Collina lookalike. Minutes later a screamer of a shot from Omari narrowly missed hitting the referee in the head and Riglin may be in trouble with the FA after being spotted giving his powerful midfielder the thumbs up for his effort. Sandgate 'A' were now playing some lovely stuff with Charlie excelling in his range of passing. Sandgate 'B' were defending well and in particular Jamie and Harris were tenacious but fair in every tackle. Fletch was having a great league debut for 'B' and after his performance he can expect to be a permanent fixture in Currie's plans for the future. Marshall was again inspirational in his attitude towards his defending and can be very proud of his performance on the day. The score line was completed when after a great run and unselfish pass from Omari to Jayden, the giant keeper come striker finished for 4-0. Jayden ran back to the half way line, turned to the crowd and treated them to the 'Jayden' dance. Number five came from top scorer Ryan and in the last few seconds of the match the scoring was completed by Reece, grabbing his second and making the final score Sandgate 'A' 6, Sandgate 'B' 0.

The only blight on what had been a great match was when 'B' striker George complained to stewards about a woman in the crowd who had voiced her opinions a little too loudly. When interviewed after the game about what had happened George told reporters " A woman in the crowd had been on my back all game and although i appreciate all the support from the fans, there is a limit." When asked what exactly he had said to the woman, George went on to say " I told her straight, i am not allowed to listen to you mum, i'm only allowed to listen to my manager. "

Thanks to all the parents who cheered on both sides and we hope you enjoyed all the effort the boys put in.

Man of the match 'A'.........Omari

Man of the match 'B'.........Sampurna

Match Ratings
Sandgate 'A'

Jayden 10 Solid in goal as always and played very well out on pitch scoring a goal and nice dancing.
Omari 10 Played very well and improved on his passing, scored and ran the show. Man of the match. Charlie 10 Defended very well and some of the passing was great to watch. well done.
Layton 10 Never stopped running and manages to be involved in nearly every move, well done.
Dylan 10 Very kindly played in goal and did not let any goals in. Very good member of the team.
Mason 10 Seems to get faster and faster every week, caused lots of problems for the defenders and good goal.
Reece 10 Very clever player who finds space at the right time. Well deserved brace for his efforts.
Vinnie 10 Excellent defending and nearly grabbed himself a goal during the game, well done.
Ryan 10 Top scorer but also looks to set up his team mates, very impressive again on the left.

Sandgate 'B'

Mathew 10 Improving every match and produced some really brave saves, excellent performance again.
Marshall 10 Never gave up and played really well. Helps his teammates with his attitude, well done.
Sampurna 10 Excellent defending and well deserved man of the match award, well done.
Reece 10 Some silky skills which the crowd enjoyed, very well played.
Fletch 10 What a great debut, he is going to be one to watch in the future, well done.
Harris 10 Improving in everything he does, some great tackling in this game to go with his dribbling skills.
Jamie 10 Ran all game and tackled well, Brave in everything he does and played really well, great game.
George 10 Played well up front and when asked to play in midfield he looked impressive, well done.
Jake 10 Everywhere on the pitch, Millwall have a star for the future, well played.
Ajay 10 Played very well up front and almost had a few chances to score, well played.

Match report by Joanne Allen,Mick Allen, Barry knight and Marc Butler.

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